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 Ford Focus Ford in fact, the United States has been made by car manufacturers to a small car. Ford Focus vehicles have been used worldwide in various market areas. They soon became popular. Since 2000, 2008. The reconstruction of the Ford Focus in the US market will approach .. vehicle available. Ford, for example, between 2000 and 2007 resulted in a number of different approaches vehicle, coupe, sedan and five-door bodystyles with a combination. In 2000, the Ford Focus estate, the US market for the first time. Conscious of the economy through the wealth Ford Focus is the best choice. Since 2000, Ford continues to date, with advanced features for Ford to provide better opportunities. 2001 Ford Focus station wagon vehicles possible in both construction. This model, for example, SE and ZTS LX reduce the level of equipment comes in three packages. SE, mid-level and high-level LX package is above the level of ZTS.

President Nidus Author in fact, the Nonsegmental States has been prefab by car manufacturers to a tiny car. Writer Rivet vehicles someone been misused worldwide in various mart areas. They shortly became fashionable. Since 2000, 2008. The age of the Ford Cogitate in the US mart give move .. object available. Fording, for representation, between 2000 and 2007 resulted in a product of divers approaches container, coupe, sedan and five-door bodystyles with a combining. In 2000, the Fording Point class, the US
Engine and driveline specification

Ford Focus SE trim package can be equipped with two engine options. Database engine 2L engine characteristics, consistent with those given in the same operation of the eight-valve 4-cylinder. Revoltions 3750 per minute produced 125 foot-pounds while the engine 5Thousand revoltions per minute at a maximum capacity of about 110 Hewlett Packard. Tork. SE also has a 2L 4-cylinder engines, including motorcycles, but at 4000 rpm and 127 foot-pounds per minute to produce approximately 130 horsepower at 5,500 revoltions capabilities. Tork. It features a 16-valve, which is the most efficient engine. Like the basic model, it is naturally aspirated engine. Ford Focus SE 5-speed manual transmission is standard, but as an alternative, a 4-speed automatic transmission is also available.

External dimensions and security features:

Outside, the car Ford Focus £ 2,500 on a railing. Her body measuring a total of about 174.9 inches long and has a wheelbase of 103 inches. Wheelbase, height of 66.9 inches, while the width is about 56.3 inches. How many Ford, 2001 model, land of about 7.7 inches. Model SE in around 15-inch alloy standard tool solution. Some of the security features on the rear door child safety locks, dual front airbags for driver and front passenger, front seat back and shoulder equipment. Some have a standard anti-lock braking system, electronic brake systems of vehicles and train control systems.

Internal Features and specifications

Ford Focus Wagon SE is in fact a four-door approach, comfortably more than five people can be. In Ford, the head of an independent and legroom of 39.3 inches in front and 43.1. "The only people in the background are supplied with legroom, 37.6 inches and about 38.5 inches in the area around the head. Model SE has standard equipment, stereo with CD, cruise control, air conditioning, desk.

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